Rabbi Nataf 's US tour and Tanakh Yemei Iyun

Rabbi Nataf has just returned from a successful trip to he US where he presented several classes at the Fifth Annual Yemei Iyun on Bible and Jewish Thought in Teaneck New Jersey. For the first time, the David Cardozo Academy was amongst several leading institutions of Jewish studies who co-sponsored this important three day event which took place in Teaneck NJ.

On the first day Rabbi Nataf spoke about "Avraham's Ninth Test and Religious Process” and "The Argument for Radical Curricular Change in our Schools: Analyzing the Goals of Contemporary Orthodox Education” and on the second and third day he spoke on the "Themes in the Rabbinic Reading of Shaul" and about "History and Messianism in the Worldview of Rav Kook". DCA faculty member Rabbi Zvi Grumet also participated in the event and made presentations on the topics of "Unconquest of the Land of Israel", "Judges and Spies: Creative History," and "The Episode of Naval and Avigayil."

Additionally Rabbi Nataf visited several communities and friends of the DCA during his stay in the U.S. He was also scholar-in-residence at Congregation Emek Beracha of Palo Alto, CA and at Congregation Ahavath Achim of Englewood, NJ.

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