Fellows of the 2005-06 Leadership Training Program

The Cardozo Academy is pleased to introduce this year's fellows to our friends and supporters.

Leadership Training Fellows:

Alex Alvares-Vega - Midrash Sephardi: Alex hails from Amsterdam and is in his last year of his rabbinic studies. He is committed to going back to the Diaspora to serve as a community rabbi.

Shaena Cantor - Yeshiva University: Shaena is pursuing a doctorate in the field of Educational Administration. She worked for several years in the New York area teaching Jewish Special Education.

Gila Fine - Hebrew University: Gila is completing a Bachelor's degree in philosophy. Before starting her degree, she studied at Midreshet Lindenbaum and at Nishmat. Gila has also worked in Israel as a journalist and teacher.

Yonatan Kohn - Yeshiva University (Gruss Institute): Before starting his rabbinic studies at Yeshiva University, Yonathan completed a degree in Jewish History at the University of Pennsylvania. Before returning to his studies, he taught Judaic Studies at the Maimonides School of Greater Boston.

Ze'ev Orenstein - Hebrew University: Ze'ev is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Contemporary Jewry. He is a graduate of Yeshiva University and currently serves as the Israel Program Coordinator for Yavneh Olami.

Dana Pulver - Hebrew University: Dana is studying for a Master's degree in Cognitive Sciences and is also in the process of attaining her Israeli teacher's certification. Dana previously studied at Midreshet Lindenbaum and at Bet Morasha and currently teaches Judaic Studies at a number of institutions.

Avi Unterman - Avi splits his time between his intensive involvement in private Jewish studies and his work as a property lawyer. He has a Master's degree in Jewish Studies from Jews College in London and continues to work in informal educational programming both in Israel and in England.

Shmuly Yanklowitz - Yeshivat HaMivtar: Shmuly plans to start his rabbinic studies next year and subsequently go on to serve the Jewish community in North America. He just completed a Master's degree in Education at Harvard University and taught Jewish Studies while he was an undergraduate in Austin, Texas.

Lay Leadership Fellows

Leah Berenholz - Bar Ilan University: Leah is pursuing a degree in Jewish Creative Writing. She has previously studied journalism and law at Northwestern and Georgetown Universities respectively and continued to work in both of those fields before she decided to take time off from her career to focus on Jewish Studies.

Gidon Melmed - Yeshivat Siach/Swinburne University: Gidon has a degree in Biology from Hebrew University and is currently studying for a Master's degree in Business Development. Gidon was a student of the Cardozo Academy's initial experimental student program that took place in 2003-4.

Vicky Wu - Vicky is a native of China, who also lived in Switzerland and New York before she moved to Israel. She has undergraduate degrees in International Affairs and International Management and hopes to work in the field of China-Israel relations.

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