Leadership Training Program 2006-2007 Curriculum and Calendar


Core Courses(open to the general public)

The Beth Midrash of Avraham Avinu:
Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo, Ph. D.
Tuesdays 7:15 - 8:25 PM

How to re-discover genuine Judaism. A study of the religious struggle for an authentic Jewish faith seen through the eyes of those who desire to become Jews by choice and not by rote. Judaism’s incubation time, its augmentation and transformation into Halachic Judaism and its existential overflow since the revelation at Sinai. An encounter with religious protest, inspiration, heresy, poetry, truth and falsehood.

History, Theology and Halacha:
Rabbi Francis Nataf
Tuesdays 8:55 - 10:00 PM (Semester 1)

The course aims to determine which aspects of Judaism are independent constants and to distinguish them from other aspects that the Jewish tradition expects to reevaluate according to the historical and cultural realities of various historical periods. Additionally, the course will analyze what criteria can exert legitimate pressure on values and practices that, in principle, can be adjusted. Particular emphasis will be placed on the normative development of halacha in response to changing realia.

Judaism and the Western Intellectual Tradition:
Rabbi Prof. Yehudah Schnall, Rabbi Natan Slifkin, Staff
Tuesdays 8:50 - 10:00 PM (Semester 2)

A survey course of various modes of thought and practice that aim to grapple with the intellectual and spiritual challenges of the day. Much of the course will examine academic trends in philosophy and science and how they can be addressed and sometimes incorporated by Jewish tradition.

Educational Leadership Courses (for registered fellows - NOT open to general public)

Contemporary Perspectives Seminar:
Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo, Rabbi Francis Nataf
Tuesdays 6:15 - 7:15 PM

Students will review articles and present independent papers on issues of contemporary interest such as the interaction of Jewish and Israeli law, the Role of Women in Judaism, Bible Criticism, etc.

The Theology of Bereishit:
Rabbi Zvi Grumet
Fridays 9:30 - 11:00 AM

The Torah presents us with a basic understanding of God's interaction with the world. All too often, that understanding is filtered by various layers of interpretation. This course will explore the theology of the Torah looking behind those filters. Using a variety of literary methods this course will examine texts of he Torah, primarily in Bereishit, with a focus on the intersection between theology and parshanut.


September 8: Classes Commence (Educational track only)
September 12: Inaugural lecture at 7.30pm *
September 22: Erev Rosh Hashana – no classes
October 11: Sukkoth Reception at Rabbi Nataf's home
September 27-October 16:Holiday Recess
October 17: Classes Resume
November 25: Melave Malka at Rabbi Cardozo’s home
December 16-23: Chanukah – no regular classes
December 20: Yom Iyun
January 12: Last Day of First Semester
January 13–22: Mid-year Recess
Jan 19-20: Mini Shabbaton (Fellows and their families only)
January 23: First Day of Second Semester
March 16: No Classes
March 16–17: Student Shabbaton (open to all students)
March 18–April 23: Pesach Break
April 24: Classes Resume
May 22: Erev Shavuoth – no class
June 8: Last Day of Second Semester
June 6: Culmination

All classes will be held in the first floor classroom of the OU Israel Center, 22 Keren Hayesod
* This will be held in the auditorium on the entrance floor.

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