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Eliyahu Lifschitz* - Hebrew University: Having received his BS in Mechanical Engineering as a joint-program student of Yeshiva and Columbia Universities, Elli is now pursuing his MS in Jewish History. Elli has worked as a dorm counselor in several yeshivot, where he devoted much of his time to one-on-one tutorials with overseas students.
Yosef Sukenik* - JCT (Machon Lev): Yosef is currently working towards a B.S. in industrial engineering. He completed his yeshiva studies at the Yeshiva of Sderot while doing his Israeli army service. Yosef has taught Jewish studies in a variety of contexts in both Hebrew and English.
Raphael Poch - Bar Ilan University: After moving to Israel from Toronto, Raphael spent three years at Yeshivat Sha'alavim. He then completed his BA and MA in Jewish History and is continuing to study for his doctorate. Raphael hopes to pursue a career in academia teaching Jewish History.
Ahuva Wisebrod: Originally from Toronto, Ahuva received her BA at York University and her MSW from Yeshiva University. She also spent several years at various seminaries in Israel, first as a student and then as a counselor. Ahuva currently works with at-risk youth in Jerusalem.
Yakov Frydman-Kohl - Hebrew University: Yakov grew up in the United States and Canada. He spent the last six years in Israeli yeshivot and serving in the Israeli army. Ya'akov is currently working towards a BA in philosophy and law.
Haim Pais - Midrash Sepharadi: Originally from South Africa, Haim has spent the last few years earning his rabbinic ordination. While studying, he has also been teaching in a variety of contexts. Haim is planning to return to the Diaspora and pursue a career in Jewish Education.
Michelle Shelemay: Hailing from England, Michelle earned her BA and MS from the University of Manchester. Since graduating from high school, she has spent much time involved in Jewish studies, studying at various seminaries in Israel and teaching both formally and informally in England.
Feivel Strauss* - Bar Ilan University: Feivel is near completion of his MA in Jewish History at Bar Ilan University, where he also received his BA. He previously studied at Yeshivat haMivtar and recently worked for the Jewish Agency as a pluralistic youth program leader.
Yael Brunner - Hebrew University: Yael was born and raised in the Czech Republic. She received her BA and MA in Jewish Studies and Theology from Charles University in Prague and hopes to go back to Eastern Europe to teach Jewish Studies.
Atara Newberger - Herzog College: Atara has a BA in English from Barnard and an MA in Bible from Yeshiva University. She also received training as a Soloveitchik Institute fellow before working as a Judaic Studies teacher for the last three years at SAR Academy in New York.

Associate Track

Ben Vago - Yeshivat Chovevei Torah/Pardes: Ben is on a leave of absence from the rabbinic program at YCT in New York. Prior to this, he studied at Yeshivat haKotel and earned his BA from Yeshiva University. Ben looks forward to a career in the American rabbinate.
Eyal Cohen* - Shehebar Sephardic Center: Eyal has studied at a number of yeshivot in Israel and is finishing up his studies for rabbinic ordination. Eyal grew up in Canada and looks forward to going back to serve the Jewish community in the Diaspora.
Chana Lockerman*:Chana received her BA from the University of Minnesota. She attended several seminaries in Israel and has given classes in Judaic studies for a number of different programs. Chana currently works in informal Jewish Education.
Elli Ausubel - Yeshiva University (Gruss Kollel): Elli grew up in New York, studied for two years at Yeshivat Kerem beYavneh and then earned his BA at Yeshiva University. He is currently studying for rabbinic ordination and towards an MA in Jewish Education.
Elisheva Ausubel - Midreshet Lindenbaum: Elisheva studied at Michlelet Mevasseret Yerushalyim before returning to Stern College where she received her BA. She is now studying for her MA in Biblical Studies at Yeshiva University and enrolled in the Educators Program at Midreshet Lindenbaum. She plans to pursue a career in Jewish Studies.
Chava Goldstein - She'arim College: Chava earned her BA at Grinell College in her native Iowa. From there, she went on to study at the University of Chicago where she received her MS. During her undergraduate and graduate studies, she spent significant time conducting research in Latin America.
Shalva Abel: Shalva received her BS from the University of Manchester where she grew up. She subsequently studied at Midreshet Rachel veChaya and is now involved in Jewish organizational work.
* indicates second-year student at the Cardozo Academy's Leadership Program.
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