iCloud vs Google Drive: Which is better?

Within this head-to-head involving two cloud storage giants, we all examine characteristics, expenses, and service alternatives to ascertain which is the ideal platform for creatives.

Regrettably, iCloud struggles past the Apple ecosystem. The platform’s programs are fantastic for working together with other Apple users but battle once a PC is thrown into the mixture. And even though it really is possible to obtain iCloud customers for Windows and Android apparatus, utilizing them is a clunky and, occasionally, frustrating experience.

Google Drive’s web app is our favored one of all cloud storage systems

Consequently, within this class, it is Google Drive which comes out beforehand.

You are already likely to be familiar with two of their greatest cloud storage platforms now: Apple iCloud and Google Drive. Both of these cloud storage systems are among the very popular for individuals working in creative businesses.

What all this signifies is that there is very little to separate the 2 platforms in regards to pricing, and the two platforms are extremely inexpensive.

Within our iCloud vs Google Drive inspection, we will place both of these top cloud storage storage systems to the evaluation and ask: What’s the ideal platform for creatives?

It took us just two minutes to get ahold of a Google agent

Google supplies 15 GB of free storage for all customers, while Apple provides just 5 GB. But if you’re planning to store anything above and beyond the bare essentials, then you will have to update to a greater potential program.

If any problems arise while using both of those cloud storage systems, you can be certain you are in safe hands. Both Apple and Google are famous for top notch support websites and available customer agents.

A 200 GB storage strategy prices precisely the exact same on the two platforms at $2.99 a month.

ICloud is the secure platform, though Google Drive has made a number of essential steps ahead lately. Both programs allow you to utilize multi-factor authentication, which we highly recommend.

ICloud’s cloud storage programs are cheap, but just the 2TB Program could be shared with your loved ones

In case your principal devices aren’t Apple goods, we believe iCloud is a not as appealing choice.

We believe that, on balance, Google Drive is a much better platform for creatives. It works seamlessly across all of the devices and boasts a best-in-class internet program. We are also concerned that iCloud will present compatibility problems for creatives who utilize Windows devices. This is due to the fact that the platform is completely incorporated into these operating systems and works virtually completely from the background. In an Apple or iCloud-enabled apparatus, it guarantees all of your data is protected and available once you want it.

If you are a creative who designs and edits excellent content, then you probably already understand how significant a cloud storage system is. They allow you to get your documents from any device and protect your job in the event of data loss.

ICloud and Google Drive discuss many common attributes. These include integration with productivity programs, apparatus sync and backup, household sharing, document versioning, and habit document and folder connections.

ICloud’s most inexpensive plan provides the consumer with 50 GB of additional storage for a total of 55 GB. It costs $0.99 a month. Google Drive’s cheapest plan costs $1.99 a month, but supplies the user with 100 GB of space.

Google understands the things, but for three reasons. Primarily, a 16% reduction is offered if you pay yearly instead of monthly. Apple provides no similar discount. Second, Google’s 15 GB of added storage means it’s slightly less costly than iCloud to a per-GB basis. And lastly, all of Google’s programs could be shared with your loved ones, whereas using iCloud, just the 2TB program could be sharted.

Actually, there is very little to differentiate the 2 platforms when it concerns the nitty-gritty of storage-related capabilities. But we do enjoy that Google Drive allows one to log into several accounts and switch between them readily. This is perfect if you are a freelancer or anybody working with over 1 company or volunteer team.


How-to guides, community forums, expert articles, and movie tutorials are all common to both iCloud and Google Drive, and that there is reallyn’t much to distinguish them. We provide Google the triumph, but because attempting to talk to a real man with Google was simpler. It took us just two minutes to achieve Google compared to 30+ minutes for Apple.

Apple makes it apparent how it encrypts information This makes the system more acceptable for creatives that are continuously co-designing with coworkers and pitching articles to customers. On this foundation, we provide Google Drive a small triumph.

ICloud vs Google Drive: Which cloud hosting support is better?

Google Drive is, overall, the compatible and widely endorsed of those 2 platforms. Google Drive’s web app is also the finest we have seen. It’s intuitive to use and responsive in poor network requirements, and we often use it in area of their desktop computer and mobile programs. In summary, Google Drive is equally at home on both the Apple and Windows apparatus.

Though Google Drive may not be as safe as iCloud, we are not overly worried. This is because it’s going to just be a significant issue if you operate in an extremely data-sensitive business, which will not apply to the majority of creative businesses. After our comprehensive analysis, we believe Google Drive is a much better alternative compared to Apple iCloud for creatives.

Google’s superior cloud storage programs are marginally better worth compared to iCloud’s

Ultimately, we believe Google Drive is the reliable supplier across all platforms. It crashes and will handle heavy use even when connection rates are low and you are running many programs simultaneously. Additionally, there are a number of data groups (iCloud Keychain/iCloud tabs and Safari History/Wi-Fi passwords) which are encrypted from undamaged.

However, before proceeding on, we must think about every platform’s safety attributes.

But that is better? And which stage if you keep your all-important function on? Luckily, we have done the research and can now provide an answer.


Google also encrypts information both in transit and at rest, but provides no end-to-end encryption. This means that data stored on the stage may, in theory, be obtained by Google workers or anybody that Google supplies your information to, such as law enforcement. Unfortunately, Google’s ambiguous privacy policy is not particularly reassuring.

The situation is identical in the conclusion end of this spectrum. 2 TB of storage costs $9.99 a month on the two Apple iCloud and Google Drive.

Both programs may also be incorporated with the Adobe Creative Cloud package in addition to other innovative suites like Affinity. Personally, however, we find Google Drive functions best with those third party suites.

When employed in an Apple apparatus, couple cloud storage systems come near iCloud

The iCloud web app is nicely designed, but is not as responsive as the Google Drive equal

Apple also supplies end-to-end encryption for some data groups

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