Thoughts to Ponder Number 109

A Call to my Brothers in the Diaspora.

"The Military Campaign launched by Israel in the Territories over Passover must reach a decisive conclusion. If the operation is stopped half way by yet another diplomatic quasi formula, it will be a cardinal failure… Israel should not expect applause - there won't be any - and mustn't be put off by condemnation from the international community. It is absolutely imperative to carry on with the showdown until Israel has obtained its goal: The collapse of the terrorist onslaught that has now reached new peaks with four or five suicide bombers setting out every day. Though most, fortunately, are intercepted, those that get through are exacting an intolerable price." (Ehud Ya'ari, political commentator, The Jerusalem Report, April 22, 2002)

"This is the first war since the War of Independence that Israel is fighting for its (very) survival; this is the first time that Israel is facing its real enemy. Not the Arabs fighting on the Palestinian behalf, but our core enemy, the Palestinian themselves, under the leadership of Arafat. It is not a war in the distant sands of Sinai, but a war on our block, on our footstep, over our homes. It is Israel's true war of independence. If we lose this one, we lose our country." (Hirsch Goodman, political commentator, The Jerusalem Report, April, 22, 2002)

"(Arafat) opted for killing Jews on Seder night and a year and half of disgusting, cowardly and sick suicide-bomb attacks on babies, families, grandmothers…..
But the atrocity has served a cause. We in Israel now know with whom we are dealing. And we can see the issues with Kristallnacht clarity. Oslo for Arafat was a Trojan horse. No question about that. He proved that by turning Allenby Street in Tel Aviv and King George Avenue in Jerusalem into the battleground, by making targets of babies and old people. He is a threat to every household in this country, left or right, secular or religious, rich or poor, thief or righteous man." ( Ibid )

"The Bush administration has been guilty of long months of, to put it mildly, misjudgment. It has required Israel to sit back and sustain terror attack after Palestinian terror attack - a series of murderous strikes over the past 18 months, that proportionally, now dwarf even the unthinkable horror of September 11 - while it geared up its assaults on terrorism elsewhere, in Baghdad." (David Horowitz, Editor, The Jerusalem Report, April 22,2002)

"How dare President Bush, as yet another bomber struck….. hours after Arafat had again spoken of sacrificing a million martyrs on the road to Jerusalem, still prattle about the need for both sides to strive for peace?" (ibid)

America's moral standards show it could tolerate terrorism against its one staunch Middle East ally.

The demand of the Bush administration to pull Israeli troops out of the West bank is asking her to commit suicide. Such a demand is immoral and an act of treason by one's best friend. It shows primitive thought patterns, lack of courage, hypocrisy, and is an open invitation to Israel's enemies to continue its onslaught until the house of Israel will come down at whatever prize.

Such behavior has to be stopped immediately not only because it could lead to the destruction of Israel but also because it will uproot America's dignity and values. It will ultimately destroy its very future.

American Jewry must therefore raise itself like a roaring lion.

It is obligated to organize massive demonstrations in every city, like the one in Manhattan, not once not twice but as many times as necessary till the American administration starts to realize that it has crossed the borders of what is acceptable.

Dear Jewish brothers in the USA:

* Bombard the administration with letters and statements of protest. Put advertisements day after day in the newspapers condemning its recent stand on Israel and Palestinian terrorism.

* Organize demonstrations in front of PLO buildings in New York and Washington (Yes, they have offices there.) with a simple message: Arafat assassin, Arafat, suicide bomber. In a moment it will be shown on TV around the world.

* Organize similar demonstrations in front of the Arab league representative office in New York.

* Go down to the Egyptian, Saudi and Syrian embassies and protest their lack of courage and the inflammatory statements in their governments and news papers.

* Get Christian Pro-Israel groups to speak up and ask them to go into the streets holding Israeli flags and make them to speak on radio and television.

* Get out of your offices even in the middle of the day and protest about what is done to your brothers and sisters in the Holyland.

In one word: Make noise wherever you can and as strong as possible.

And so in every European and Canadian city.

Go out, don't be afraid and do not use a pretext by declaring that you do not agree with the Sharon government, neither do many of us. But this is a fight not about politics but about Jewish survival.

Remember, if this conflict does not end in a victory for Israel's survival, it will mean that your children will not have a place to go to when Arab suicide bombers flood the countries where you live now.

And don't you believe that such demonstrations are not a small token of appreciation to the thousands of Jewish soldiers who are fighting and dying for the very lives of your and my children?

Do not let your fellow Jews down, as happened in the days of the Holocaust. You will never be able to look yourself in the mirror.

And above all: Remember standing up for your brothers is a good for your Jewish soul.

May God bless our people.

Nathan Lopes Cardozo


Reproduction of this essay is permitted when printed in full.

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